And now for something completely different (reference!). I cleaned up my blog! Was about time. My 6 year Word Press anniversary was a few weeks ago, though I’ve had this particular blog for a little over a year and a half, and I’ve only ever maintained this one on either my smartphone or tablet. It’s simply not the same 🙂 I’ve sorted the categories, and properly sorted entries into the right categories, and now all I really have to do is choose a new theme. I’m trying to get all of this done before my kids get home from school since they obviously don’t need to know that this exists; especially my 12 year old. My 6 year old isn’t computer savvy just yet ;P I should come up with some cute reference names for them as I’ve seen others do in other blogs. Mind you, I almost never talk about them. Alright! Less babble, more do the things. It’s nice to write about something trivial instead of the usual messy mind things. “It can’t rain all the time.” 10 points to anyone who knows that reference without Google’ing! Another 10 if you know the reference in my opening sentence lol. I’ll likely add them to my tags sometime in the far future 😉


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