Finally went to the Dr after a week of not being able to pop my ears and my hearing reduced to about half in my left ear. Between my son’s asthma and my brain stuff, I’m there so often that the lady behind the counter looks me up without having to ask my name. I actually think it’s kind of funny that my pharmacist and I are also on a first name basis lol. Anyway, as has been usual for some coincidental reason, the same, super young, fresh-out-of-med-school doctor has seen me every time I’ve been there for walk-in. I’ve been a tad afraid he may think I’m a hypochondriac lol.

Anyway, I have an ear infection in both ears. Which I’ll have to live with for another few days until I can pay for the prescriptions (no health insurance. Paying the premiums while on medical leave from work was highway robbery! So really, I only have myself to blame). I’m actually very good with money these days, and proudly made it to the 13th with $28, a full tank of gas and lots of food in the fridge 🙂 Stupid effing ears. I don’t recall having an ear infection EVER in my life. I don’t even have a cold! And this, my friends, is what is called “the story of my life”. It doesn’t even surprise me anymore. I’m absolutely FORBIDDEN from getting my head even slightly above water. Hello? Universe? Wanna break one of my bones while you’re at it? Maybe throw a baseball through a window? Break my water heater? You haven’t quite filled your “financially crap on me” quota for this month. Slacker.


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