So every week I have lots of homework to do for my Dialectic Behavior Therapy. Last week was harder than hard with some successes and some fails (ok ok not fails, be gentle with yourself Ara). Anyway, as usual, this week’s homework was a bit scary. Daunting. However, it’s only been 24 hours and one of my scariest assignments sorted itself out without me even having to try! It actually made me realize that it’s something that’s always been there, I was just too blind to see it and too stubborn to accept it when I did. Things is good. The tough, empty days barely lasted a week. It’s ridiculously true that when one door closes (even by choice), another opens. ACTUAL. This is a beautiful kind of happy. And as my dear friend Sara P. said the other day, “If you close the big dark door on that, a new wonderful door will open. Maybe with a garden and butterflies and baby bunnies hopping around and sloths in the trees and baby otters playing in the stream.” LOL. I’m cool with that door ♡



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