Really struggling to get my head into it today. I don’t know exactly what “it” is but I definitely know when I can’t find it. When I smile, my chest feels like it’s sinking in and I have to tell myself to try harder to inhale. But hide it. Don’t let it show. I raise my eyebrows a little when I talk because I feel like it shows interest. I’ve been told that my face is very expressive, which is unintentional and completely subconscious, but when I try to hide the heaviness, trying to dig out a genuine face expression is really difficult. And I over-think it. Obviously lol. This week my mind is a storm, more so than usual. I can’t make sense of myself and that which usually comes quite easily has me feeling like I’m wearing a mental straitjacket. Strip your mental limits, Ara. Push. Discover. And maybe even learn a thing or two. Maybe.


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